42/365 by minato on Flickr.

Why can’t you be 100% honest and admit your side of the story too, just for once, I’m sorry to be so angry but I can’t withhold my the feelings the way you do, cooped up inside and playing the victim, I know I have too before, but come on the past is gone and I don’t think we can move on if you’re so afraid of whatever is standing in front of us, the truth, and maybe I’m too afraid to admit it too, but I don’t want to pretend to play cutesy 10 year olds anymore, because I know there is a lot you are hiding from me and I’m just really sick of it, when you ignore me or lie to me it makes me want to get up and leave. 

Im eating organic green grapes right now lol

I didn’t respond to your text once. You didn’t respond to my three one-lined messages in the past 2 weeks. So considerate


you know someone if not a good friend if they never try to act like they want to see you, they constantly make you feel bad about your self through what they do and say or rather, don’t say. You thought you’ve both changed and forgive/forget will play out, but even when you make an effort to make them feel good about themselves, if they can’t reciprocate the same kind of actions their either holding a grudge, jealous or insecure. Maybe you need to back off and stop trying to tell them to lick their wounds.

Maybe you need to realize they don’t really even like you or spending time with you and move on. 

When I turn 21 Im moving to California and becoming and actress in a series like gossip girl or the secret life of the american teenager, and maybe I’ll do some modeling for teen vogue or seventeen and become rich and famous and then I’ll decide I don’t want to be in the public eye and stalked by the paparazzi, all the while staying close to my best friends and contacting my family every day, so then I’ll become a journalist or teacher and be good at something I love, then I’ll meet the guy of my dreams and date him and marry him and have a family and live happily ever after.

Lol I wish…